Remote server for Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Interconnect™ allows you to integrate a number of smaller, physically fragmented, and remote XProtect installations with one XProtect Corporate central site. You can install these smaller sites, called remote sites, on mobile units, for example, boats, busses or trains. This means that such sites do not need to be permanently connected to a network.

Info tab (remote server)




The system uses the name whenever the remote server is listed in the system and clients. The name does not have to be unique.

When you rename a server, the name is changed globally in the Management Client.


Enter a description of the remote server (optional).

The description appears in a number of listings within the system. For example, when pausing the mouse pointer over the hardware name in the Overview pane.


Displays the XProtect product installed at the remote site.


Displays the version of the remote system.

Software license code

The software license code of the remote system.


Identifies the driver that handles the connection to the remote server.


The host name or IP address of the hardware.


Opens the default home page of the hardware vendor. You can use this page for administration of the hardware or system.

Remote system ID

The unique system ID of the remote site used by XProtect to, for example, manage licenses.

Settings tab (remote server)

On the Settings tab, you can view the name of the remote system.

Events tab (remote server)

You can add events from the remote system to your central site in order to create rules and thereby respond immediately to events from the remote system. The number of events depend on the events configured in the remote system. You cannot delete default events.

If the list appears to be incomplete:

  1. Right-click the relevant remote server in the Overview pane and select Update Hardware.
  2. The dialog box lists all changes (devices removed, updated and added) in the remote system since you established or last refreshed the Milestone Interconnect setup. Click Confirm to update your central site with these changes.

Remote Retrieval tab

On the Remote Retrieval tab, you can handle remote recording retrieval settings for the remote site in a Milestone Interconnect setup:

Specify the following properties:



Retrieve recordings at max

Determines the maximum bandwidth in Kbits/s to be used for retrieving recordings from a remote site. Select the check box to enable limiting retrievals.

Retrieve recordings between

Determines that retrieval of recordings from a remote site are limited to a specific time interval.

Unfinished jobs at the end time continue until completion, so if the end time is critical, you need to set it earlier to allow for unfinished jobs to complete.

If the system receives an automatic retrieval or request for retrieval from the XProtect Smart Client outside the time interval, it is accepted, but not started until the selected time interval is reached.

You can view pending remote recording retrieval jobs initiated by the users from System Dashboard -> Current Tasks.

Retrieve on devices in parallel

Determines the maximum number of devices from which recordings are retrieved simultaneously. Change the default value if you need more or less capacity depending on your system's capabilities.

When you change the settings, it may take several minutes until the changes are reflected in the system.

None of the above applies to direct playback of remote recordings.
All cameras set to be played back directly is available for direct playback and use bandwidth as needed.