Add a remote site to your central Milestone Interconnect site

You add remote sites to the central site with the Add Hardware wizard.

  • Enough Milestone Interconnect camera licenses (see Milestone Interconnect and licensing).
  • Another configured and working XProtect system including a user account (basic users, local Windows user or Windows Active Directory user) with permissions for the devices that the central XProtect Corporate system should be able to access
  • Network connection between the central XProtect Corporate site and the remote sites with access or port forwarding to the ports used on the remote sites

To add a remote site:

  1. On the central site, expand Servers and select Recording Servers.
  2. In the Overview pane, expand the relevant recording server and right-click.
  3. Select Add Hardware to start the wizard.
  4. On the first page select Address range scanning or Manual and click Next.
  5. Specify user names and passwords. The user account must be predefined on the remote system. You can add user names and passwords as needed by clicking Add. When ready, click Next.
  6. Select the drivers to use when you scan. In this case choose between the Milestone drivers. Click Next.
  7. Specify the IP addresses and port numbers you want to scan. Default is port 80. Click Next.

    Wait while your system detects the remote sites. A status indicator shows the detection process. In case of a successful detection, a Success message appears in the Status column. If you fail to add, you can click the Failed error message to see why.

  8. Choose to enable or disable successfully detected systems. Click Next.
  9. Wait while your system detects hardware and collects device specific information. Click Next.
  10. Choose to enable or disable successfully detected hardware and devices. Click Next.
  11. Select a default group. Click Finish.
  12. After installation, you can see the system and its devices in the Overview pane.
  13. Depending on the user permissions for the selected user on the remote site, the central site gets access to all cameras and functions or a sub-set of them.