XProtect LPR licenses

XProtect LPR requires the following licenses:

  • 1 base license for XProtect LPR. The base license covers an unrestricted number of LPR servers
  • 1 LPR camera license per each LPR camera that you want to use in XProtect LPR
  • A LPR country module license for each country, state, or region that you need in your XProtect LPR solution.

    5 LPR country module licenses are included with the XProtect LPR base license.

    All country modules are automatically installed when you install your XProtect LPR product. The installed modules are by default disabled and you must enable the modules (see Country modules tab) that you want to use. You can only enable as many country modules as you have LPR country module licenses for.


You have installed 10 country modules, but you only have 5 LPR country module licenses. After you selected the first 5 country modules, you cannot select any more. You must clear some of your selections before you can select other modules.

To find information about the current status of your licenses, see View LPR server information.

To buy additional licenses or country modules, contact your vendor.