Install XProtect LPR


To run XProtect LPR, you must install:

  • At least one LPR server
  • The XProtect LPR plug-in on all computers that run the Management Client, the event server, and XProtect Smart Client
  • Make sure that the user selected for running the LPR Server service can access the Management Client

Milestone recommends that you install the LPR server on a different computer than your management server or recording servers.

If you install the LPR server on a different computer, you must add the computer to the Administrators role as a Windows user. For more information, see Assign/remove users and groups to/from roles.

Start installation

  1. On the download page of the Milestone website (, download the two installers:
    • Milestone XProtect LPR Plug-in Installer to all computers that run the Management Client and the event server
    • Milestone XProtect LPR Server Installer to all computers allocated for this purpose. You can also create virtual servers for LPR on one computer
  2. First, run all the Milestone XProtect LPR Plug-in installers.
  3. Then, run the Milestone XProtect LPR Server installer(s).

    During installation:

    1. Specify the IP address or host name of the management server or image server including the domain user name and password of a user account that has administrator rights to the surveillance system.
    2. For secure communication:
      • Select the certificate used to connect to the management server
      • Select the certificate used to connect to the event server

      For more information, see the certificates guide about how to secure your XProtect VMS installations.

    3. Select the service account. If the computer is part of a domain, the service must run as either a predefined Network Service or a domain user account.
  4. Launch the Management Client.

    In the Site Navigation pane, your Management Client automatically lists the installed LPR servers in the LPR Servers list.

  5. Make sure that you have the necessary licenses (see XProtect LPR licenses).
  6. All country modules are automatically installed when you install your XProtect LPR product. However, the installed modules are by default disabled and you must enable the modules (see Country modules tab) that you want to use. You can only enable as many country modules as you have LPR country module licenses for.

You cannot add LPR servers from the Management Client.

If you need to install more LPR servers after the initial installation, run the Milestone XProtect LPR Server Installer on these computers.

If an antivirus program is installed on a computer running XProtect software, it is important that you exclude the C:\ProgramData\Milestone\XProtect LPR folder. Without implementing this exception, virus scanning uses a considerable amount of system resources and the scanning process can temporarily lock files.