Server and client components of XProtect Mobile (explained)

In the free XProtect Mobile app, you can do the following:

  • View live video and video recordings.
  • Play incoming and outgoing audio in live video and video recordings.
    • Use the push-to-talk (PTT) feature while you are watching live video from one camera.
    • Play back incoming and outgoing audio in playback mode.
  • Use video push to stream live video with audio from the camera on your mobile device to your XProtect surveillance system.
  • Use bookmarks to quickly locate relevant video sequences in live videos and video recordings. Share bookmarks with your co-workers.
  • Use the Smart Map feature to view and access devices (for example, cameras) of your VMS at multiple locations worldwide through your mobile device.
  • Create investigations.
  • Activate actions that trigger events in your video surveillance system.
  • View videos for alarms that are triggered by various events.

XProtect Mobile has five components:

  • XProtect Mobile client is a mobile surveillance app that you can install and use on your Android or iOS device. You can use as many installations of XProtect Mobile client as you need. For more information, see Installing XProtect Mobile Server components (administrators)
  • XProtect Web Client lets you view live video in your web browser and lets you download recordings
  • The XProtect Mobile server is responsible for giving the XProtect Mobile client and XProtect Web Client users access to the system
  • XProtect Mobile plug-in
  • Mobile Server Manager

In addition to acting as a system gateway for XProtect Mobile client and XProtect Web Client, the mobile server can transcode video as the original camera video stream, in many cases, is too large to fit the bandwidth available for the client users.

XProtect Mobile supports direct streaming and adaptive streaming in live mode.

For more information, see the administrator manual for XProtect VMS.