Before you start

The XProtect Transact functionality is standard in Management Client. When you have activated the base license and transaction source licenses, the features are available immediately.

Before using the XProtect Transact features in XProtect Smart Client, you should verify that:

  1. Your base license for XProtect Transact has been activated.
  2. You have a transaction source license for each transaction source that you need to monitor. License information is available under the Basics node.

    If you do not have the sufficient number of transaction source licenses, make sure that you acquire additional licenses before the 30-days grace period expires.

  3. Next, configure XProtect Transact. For more information, see Configuring transactions.

Even if you have not purchased any XProtect Transact licenses, you can try out XProtect Transact with a trial license. For more information, see XProtect Transact trial license.