Events triggered by LPR

After you have created match lists (see Add new match lists), you can associate them with all types of events defined in your system.

The type of events available depends on the configuration of your system. In connection with LPR, events are used to trigger output signals for, for example, raising of parking barrier or making cameras record in high quality. You can also use an event to trigger combinations of such actions. See Match lists (explained) for more examples.

Set up system events triggered by list matches

  1. In Servers > Match list, select the list to which you want to associate an event.
  2. In the Match list information window, next to the Events triggered by list match selection field, click Select.
  3. In the Select triggered events dialog box, select one or more events.
  4. If prompted, confirm to save changes.
  5. The event is now associated with recognitions on the selected match list.

To trigger a surveillance system event when a license plate that is not on a list is recognized, configure the Unlisted license plates list.