XProtect Access licenses

XProtect Access requires the following access control-related licenses:

  • 1 base license for XProtect Access that covers an unrestricted number of access servers
  • 1 access control door license per each door that you want to integrate and control in XProtect Access. All door licenses are automatically installed when you install your XProtect Access product

    The installed door licenses are disabled by default. You must enable the doors that you want to use. You can only enable as many doors as you have door licenses for.


You want to add 10 doors, but you only have 5 access control door licenses. After you added the first 5 doors, you cannot select any more. You must remove some of your doors before you can add another door.


You have 1 door with 2 access points: an entry card reader and an exit card reader. Because you need 1 access control door license per door, you will need 1 access control door license in this scenario.

Find license details

To find information about the current status of your access control door licenses, expand the Access Control node.

To buy additional XProtect Access base licenses or door licenses, contact your vendor.